Friday, January 26, 2007

12-9 Stags; 7:36 n the 1st

  • A few misses back-and-forth finally lead to a MVP pull-up jumper off of a pump fake. As a Duke fan I love the J.J. Reddick moves. 12=9 Stags.
  • Great D by Marty a few moments later to keep the 'mo coming for FU. They seem like they've settled down.
  • Mamadou nearly comes up with a steal. Great defense.
  • Momadou is on the board! Stags 10-9
  • Brock hits an awkward shot off a pump fake that finds its way in.
  • Herbie gets inside the zone and lays it in. Great feed. Stags lead! 8-7 Stags
  • Herbie hits a three. The Stags seeem to know what they're doing on offense now. 1) Push the ball up court and 2) quick passes and look for the 'skip'. 7-6 Peter's
  • I'm so hungry right now. The fan bus got here last as hell and I didn't have time to eat. Tom and Chris said the chicken/pasta was great too.
- Keith


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