Friday, January 26, 2007

35-33 FU;14:00 in the 2nd

  • Tim Spitler gets a steal and takes it all the way to make it 35-33 FU.
  • Mamadou gets an inside look from fellow senior Van Schaick. The Stags are slowly figuring out that zone D. Mamadou has nine on the night and has shot better so far in the second half. Stags 35-31.
  • Another Shake three (now 2-of-3 in the 2nd). Here we go again. Early in the year Van Schaick waited till the half for his coming out party. It's deja vu all over again. 33-31 Stags.
  • Mamadou drraws the offensive foul. Nice D. The guy is a flat out intangibles player.
  • Van Schaick nails his first three of the game from a cross-court skip pass from Mamadou. The Stags could really could use some contributions from him.
  • Spann knocks down a three and the Peacocks are looking good. 31-27 Pete's
  • Reeves hits a shot again! Peter's takes a 28-27 lead. Moments later, Herbie Allen gets called for an offenive. You've gotta tip your cap to Peter's; they've come out strong thus far.
  • Reeves answers with a two. 27-25 Stags
  • Two offensive rebbound in a row leads to a Shake pump-and-drive. Shake really nees to get going after a lackluster first half (1-7, 0-5 from three-point range). Stags 27-23.
  • Finally some full court pressure! FU is making a shaky Peter's team dribble the ball. I think we'll see some turnovers in this half from them. They are not a talented ball-handling team.
  • Gooding puts the Peacocks on the board in the second half with a juper. 25-23 Stags.
  • Mamadou (2-for-8 in the 1st) gets a nice look inside and puts it in. He adds the freebie to put FU up 25-21.
  • Ben said it best: 33% in the first from the field and winning? Unreal... but at 4-5 in the MAAC we'll take it.
- Keith


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