Friday, January 26, 2007

53-46 Stags; 7:34 in the 2nd

  • After a Reeves miss, Shake drives in and kicks it out to Herbie, he knocks down the three. It rolled and played around a little, but finally went in. Great job by Van Schaick to draw the D. Stags 53-46.
  • Pudgy point guard (clever, ain't it?) Brandon Brockhits a lay-in jumper. Han comes back and hits a quick three. 50-46 Stags.
  • Nero gets the ball down-low and draws the foul. The Stags have given him more looks in this half than they have in the past four or five games. So far it's working. An excellent foul shooter, Nero hits both to make it a 47-44 Stag advantage.
  • Travelling called on St. Pete's after a rebound off of a Herbie Allen miss. It's staying this way.
  • Orta hits a pretty bank shot off of a pick-and-roll. Stags 45-44.
  • Van Schaick misses an NBA-length three off of a good screen.
  • Finally got to eat at the half. The pasta wasn't too shabby. Well worth the wait.
  • 30 minutes and 12 seconds into the game and Cooley's jacket is still secure. Good sign? Or ticking time bomb? Time will tell.
- Keith


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