Sunday, February 10, 2008

Halftime: Iona 34, Fairfield 33

  • Stags just get ball over the court again, when Allen throws the ball to Evanovich who find s a cutting Anthony Johnson who slams the ball down and is fouled. He misses the free throw, but the rebound is tipped out to Herbie, who finds Evanovich and he misses a three. 29-29.
  • Clarke grabs a rebound and slams the ball down and a la Anthony Johnson is fouled...Unlike A.J. he makes the free throw and the Gaels take a 32-29 lead.
  • Han tries an alley-oop to AJ, but he can't corral it and the Stags turn the ball over.
  • Allen throws up an off balance shot, but it is an airball, but A.J. catches it mid-air and lays it back in. 32-31 Iona.
  • Allen steals the ball but has it stripped right back by Andre Tarver who slams the ball down and its 34-31 Iona.
  • Another leaner by Herbie falls unexpectedly and its 34-33, Stags back down one again.
  • Prodanovic to the line for a 1+1 and he misses the front end. Stags have the final possession with a chance to take a lead into the half.
  • Han misses the three and no one can control the rebound and Iona takes a slight 34-33 lead into the half.


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