Sunday, February 10, 2008

5:14 Remaining First Half; 27-21 Stags

  • Devon Clarke scores and its 22-21 Stags.
  • Han misses a lay-up, but Anthony Johnson follows with a huge dunk follow and its 24-21 Stags.
  • Cooley yells for the Stags to dive for the ball, something I have heard a lot this season.
  • Dapper Cooley watch: A nice pinstriped black suit, white shirt and gold tie. Classy.
  • Nero listens to his coach and dives on the floor to come up with a steal, drawing applause from Ed and the bench.
  • Marty O' is fouled on a three, which he misses, but he will be at the line for three shots. Also the seventh team foul of the half, so that means Fairfield shoots for the final 5:30 of the half. O'Sullivan knocks down all three and the Stags have there biggest lead of the game at 27-21.
  • Offensive foul on Kyle Camper and he can't believe it, but the Stags get the ball back. Little Willard is angry and he calls a time-out to try and settle down his troops.


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