Sunday, February 10, 2008

3:32 Remaining Second Half; 60-55 Stags

  • Allen knocks down a three and the Stags grab a 52-50 lead and on the other end Marty draws a charge and the Stags regain possession.
  • Mamadou drills a is it good to have him back. 55-50 Stags and Iona calls a timeout.
  • Mamadou had a great game last time at Harbor Yard, scoring 12 against Sacred Heart and seemed poised to be a great sixth man for the Stags, but then he got hurt. Great to see him back and close to full strength, he's fun to watch.
  • A huge screen by Mamadou in the back court stuns an un-expecting Kyle Camper, another play that won't be on the box score but helps a lot.
  • Great look by Mamadou, finding Peanut as the shot clock winds down and he is fouled.
  • Mamadou...Mamadou...Mamadou...seems like all I have been typing, but every play he seems to be doing something. Evanovich checks in for Mamadou and he gets the loudest applause of the afternoon, the fans love him.
  • Peanut blows both free throws and Iona has it back.
  • Prodanovic knocks down a three, his first in awhile and cuts the lead to two, 55-53.
  • Peanut is fouled again and he returns to the line for two free throws...he makes both and its 57-53. Quick breather for Mamadou as he checks back in. No Yorel Hawkins so far this afternoon and he appears to have his hand wrapped on the bench, not sure what is wrong with him.
  • Cooley yells out to the crowd..."Wake up crowd we need you" and the few students in attednance answer back with a Cooley chant. Quiet Sunday afternoon here at the Arena, too bad more students didn't come out. 3:30 game against a rival team, Stags fighting for position, no NFL. Oh well.
  • Cooley removes his jacket and calls on his defense to make as top, which they do and the crowd is at its loudest, still not that loud.
  • O'Sullivan drives the baseline after taking a pass from Allen, scores and is fouled by Dexter Gray and he fouls out...Marty goes to the line for one and he hits it. 60-53 Stags, their biggest lead of the afternoon.
  • Mamadou has some blood on his shorts and he has to swith with Joe Bajda on the sideline...and he has a tough time doing so.
  • On the court...nice play by Han throwing the ball off of Prodanovic and getting the Stags the ball back.


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