Sunday, February 10, 2008

7:49 Remaining Second Half; 50-49 Iona

  • Han drives and lays the ball off of the glass and in for two...45-43 Gaels.
  • Mamadou with a lay-up and is fouled...he misses the free throw, but its a 6-0 runs since Mamadou checked in and the Stags tie the game at 45.
  • Huge block by Peanut, sending it out of bounds, looked like goaltending and Cooley laughs and claps his approval, knowing that was the wrong call.
  • Mamadou screams "Let's go" as the shot clock hits ten...Iona forces a shot and Mamadou pulls down the board.
  • Great drive by Peanut and he lays the ball in to give Fairfield a 47-45 lead.
  • Iona answers back to end the run as Camper hits a three and its 48-7 Iona. But Mamadou returns on the other end with two and its 49-48.
  • Flurry of scoring as Springer pulls down a rebound and tips it back in, 50-49 Iona.
  • The Stags slow down the game after three back and forth possessions...Evanovich misses a three and Mamadou slashes through to grab the rebound, great hustle play and the Stags retain possession.


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