Monday, February 5, 2007

62-55 Hounds; 2:58 in the 2nd

  • The Stags desperately need a defensive stand.
  • Han dances around a little, then nails a three-pointer. 62-55 Hounds.
  • On an offensive rebound, Brown finds Alujevic wide open down low for a put-in. 62-52 Loyola.
  • Alujevic misses a three, which leads to a fast break that results in Herbie Allen hitting Anthony Johnson in the paint for a lay-in. 60-52 Hounds.
  • Allen is fouled on a drive in the lane. He misses both shots. Another missed opportunity for Fairfield.
  • The "picked fence" Hoosiers play works for Loyola as Sullivan hits a shot off the screen. 60-50 Hounds.
- Keith Connors


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