Monday, February 5, 2007

26-25 Stags; 3:40 in the 1st

  • Anthony Johnson's pass goes out of bounds off of the Greyhounds. Stags ball.
  • Peanut is fouled on a put-back and heads to the line. He wiffs on both, but Devin Johnson grabs an offensive board. Nice work by the guard.
  • Loyola continue s to shut off Shake. They are going to have to find a way to get him the ball more in the second half. After all, he is a second half player.
  • An errant pass from Brown goes out of bounds. Stags ball.
  • O'Sullivan makes both shots from the charity strip to make it a one-point lead. 26-25 FU.
  • Israel misses a turnaround off of a post, and is then called on an "over-the-back". That's significant because, with five minutes left, Fairfield is now in a "one-and-one".
  • O'Sullivan misses a wide-open three.
  • Gerald Brown hits a three with Herbie in his face. Just great skill right there. 25-24 Hounds.
  • Anthony Johnson puts a shoulder down on Wright's three attempt. The Stags are playing very fast and very physical today.
  • After a Harvey miss on a three, Ogelsby wiffs on a lay-in. Luckily Peanut is right there to put it in. Stags lead again. 24-22 FU.
  • Ogelsby pump fakes and drives on a nice look. My stat man Tom Cleary tells me those are his first points since the Fordham game. FU ties it up at 22-22.
  • A flurry of offensive rebounds by Gerald Brown and Jawaan Wright leads to a tip-in. Loyola leads 22-20.
  • Tom informs me that Gerald Brown is one in the top eight in scoring in the nation. At the moment, the Loyola (Md.) guard is averaging 22.5 ppg. Not too shabby.
  • Dance team's new routine? One word: stagalicious.
- Keith Connors


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