Monday, February 5, 2007

15-13 Hounds; 12:33 in the 1st

  • Gerald Brown dives after a ball and takes a desperation timeout. The Greyhounds will retain possession.
  • Marty O'Sullivan gets a nice look, but is called on a charge. Nice D from Loyola.
  • The Greyhounds give the Stags a taste of their own medicine by putting on a full-court press.
  • Jawaan Wright posts up on Nero and is fouled as he hits the turn-around jumper. Wright adds the freebie to make it 15-13 Loyola.
  • It seems the early game plan for Coach Cooley is to get them running. After every in-bound the Stags are sprinting up court and pushing the tempo.
  • Brett Harvey drives the lane and hits a lay-up for the Hounds. 13-12 Stags.
  • Herbie adds the free throw on the "and one'. Stags are up 13-10.
  • Loyola (Md.) is called on a technical on Coach Patsos. Shake hits them both to make it 12-10 Stags.
  • On the fast break, Herbie Allen takes it coast-to-coast and hits a lay-up and the foul. And one!
  • Gerald Brown is blocked by Anthony Johnson after great defense from Shake.
  • Nice turnout at the Harbor. One of the bigger crowds I've seen all year.
- Keith Connors


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