Sunday, January 28, 2007

59-48 Stags; 5:24 in the 2nd

  • Niagra calls a T.O., baby (in the words of my favorite college color commentator, Mr. Dick Vitale)
  • Cliff Brown lays it in from the paint. FU is up 59-48.
  • Han hits a three from the top of the arc off of a pick-and-pop play. Stags lead 59-46.
  • Lorenzo Miles jumper over Devin Johnson falls in. The Stags lead is 57-46.
  • Fisher makes it 57-44 on a quick pull-up jumper.
  • Shake heads to the line after being fouled on the drive. He hits one-of-two to make it 57-42.
  • Simmons is still trying to get a good picture of the "new and improved" Stag. Working hard or hardly working?
  • I hope there's some tacos left in the media room. I'm starving.
  • Frank Romano and the band is jamming to the '70s hit "(I wanna know if) You'll be my girl". Gotta love it. And the goatee.
- Keith Connors


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