Sunday, January 28, 2007

52-35 Stags; 11:59 in the 2nd

  • This may be the biggest lead Fairfield has held all year. We'll check that out for you.
  • Heading into the media timeout, the Stag coaches and bench are all pumped up and standing. They're really on a roll right now. This is the best I've seen them play all season (not to mention the most into a game).
  • Niagra's quick miss leads to another shot attempt. Nero gobbles up a tough rebound and puts it up strong (a great sign). Stags lead 52-35.
  • Herbie Allen hits an unbelievable lay-up after a winding, twisting and turning drive.
  • Niagra misses a wide-open three, but they grab the oreb. After a foul on the floor, its deja vu all over again. The same thing happens, but this time Cliff Brown nabs a two-pointer. Stags 48-35 Stags.
- KC


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