Monday, February 5, 2007

31-30 Stags; :22.3 in the 1st

  • Harvey hits a wide-open three on a botched defense and some miscommunication. 31-30 FU.
  • Shake hits a jumper to extend the lead to four. 31-27 Stags.
  • James throws the ball away after some tight defense. Mamadou and Devin Johnson both came in just for that defensive possession. Job well done. Stags ball.
  • Nero gets called on the hold. Greyhounds ball.
  • Peanut misses a dunk on a put-back and the Stags throw the ball away on a no-look pass attempt from Herbie.
  • Stags due a fantastic job breaking Loyola's full court pressure. Textbook.
  • On what appeared to be a clean block in the paint, Anthony Johnson is called on a shooting foul. Gerald Brown heads to the line and hits both shots. 29-27 Stags.
  • Herbie gets called on a hold during the Hounds' play. That's only the Stags third foul all half.
  • Cooley gets heated on a jump-ball call on a loose ball. Loyola maintained possession due to the call in their own end. (No playboards were harmed in the process)
  • Van Schaick finally hits a three on a great screen. It looked like a pick-and-pop play off the ball. Stags are up four. 29-25 FU.
  • Brown misses a three with Anthony Johnson in his face because of a switch.
  • Shake forces a shot over Brown and air balls it.
  • 28-27 UConn over 'Cuse right now. But really, who cares? The big game is Wednesday night at Cameron Indoor. :-)
- Keith Connors


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