Monday, February 5, 2007

54-40; 10:10 in the 2nd

  • Gerald Brown hits an open three and nails it. Loyola 54-40.
  • Harvey takes it all the way off a Shake turnover on a bobbled pass. Harvey is fouled by Peanut on the lay-in, and adds the free throw. 51-40 Hounds.
  • Marty gets called on a hold, that's the teams seventh foul already. Alujevic makes the first, and adds the seconds. Loyola 48-40.
  • Cooley's getting into it. The jacket is off! Oh boy
  • Herbie Allen gets a kick-out in the corner and drains it. 46-40 Hounds.
  • O'Sullivan is called for an over-the-back on a rebound. Sullivan comes off a screen, but misses the three.
  • Han is called on a five-second inbound violation. Another Stag turnover. Loyola ball.
- Keith Connors


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