Monday, February 5, 2007

36-31 Hounds; 15:45 in the 2nd

  • The Stags are scoreless thus far in the 2nd Half (4:15 into the half).
  • After a pair of missed opportunities by both teams and a few fouls, Han gets called on a travel on a good look from Herbie. Loyola ball.
  • Peanut called on a travel gives the ball right back to Loyola.
  • Brown gets called on his fourth foul, and he'll have to check out. It was off of a rebound pulled down by Marty O'Sullivan.
  • Alujevic hits a three in the corner off of a kick-out pass to put the Hounds up five. 36-31 Loyola.
  • After a Gerald Brown miss, Nero is called on an offensive foul. Loyola ball.
  • Gerald Brown called on a hold off the in-bound. That's his third. Something to keep an eye on down the stretch.
  • Brown is fouled by Van Schaick on a fastbreak and makes the shot. On the "and one" attempt, Brown sinks it. 33-31 Hounds.
  • A charge on Herbie Allen on the first possession of the second half sends the ball the other way.
  • Stats at the Half: the Stags out rebounded Loyola 23-17. Loyola had eight personal fouls to Fairfield's five. The Stags shot 33% from the field and a paltry 3-for-12 from behind the arc. Gerald Brown, one of the nation's top scorers, was held to a mere five points.
- Keith Connors


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