Saturday, March 8, 2008

11:57 Remaining Second Half; Loyola leads Fairfield 49-41

  • Dapper Cooley Watch: Cooley has taken off his red jacket, which was very. He hasn't worn it since Sacred Heart and that was a win...
  • Fairfield plays tight defense with Mamadou running it like a linebacker and after a deflection gives Loyola the ball out of bounds with two on a shot clock, Harvey throws up an airball three on the in bounds and Fairfield gets thje ball back on the violation.
  • On the other end Mamadou drians a three to cut the lead to seven.
  • One of the best plays on defense I've seen in awhile and it happened right in front of me: Mamadou knocked the ball out of Tuck's hands, then jumped up, grabbed it as it was going out of bounds and threw it off of Tuck and into press row to give Fairfield the ball back down seven.
  • The Stags could not convert that play into a basket and then Loyola scored to increase the lead back to 9. Han tried a long alley-oop to Peanut, but he missed. However, he got his own rebound and was fouled on the put back. One free throw brings the deficit down to eight.
  • Gerald Brown with a fist pump after a lay-up and draws a foul on Mamadou, putting Brown at the line for one free throw, which he makes, 49-38, Loyola back up 11.
  • Herbie drains a three to erase the Brown three-point play and then Cooley calls timeout.



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