Saturday, March 8, 2008

5:27 Remaining First Half; Loyola leads Fairfield 22-21

  • Warren Edney is fouled and Loyola is in the penalty as well now evening things up. To quote the man behind me "Let them play blue." Edney makes one of two free throws, but O'Sullivan tips the ball out to Herbie to give the Stags another possession.
  • Marty drives on Tuck and misses a shot, but Edney tips in the rebound.
  • Media timeout.
  • It's 22-21 Loyola, but the way Fairfield has been playing it feels as if the Stags are down by much more. The Greyhounds have missed a good amount of open shots and have made a couple of bad turnovers as well. Its been pretty even so far with relatively bad play on both ends.



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