Saturday, March 8, 2008

  • Nero and Anthony Johnson get crossed up on the fast break after breaking the Loyola press. Nero tossed the ball up, but Peanut wasn't expecting an alley oop and mistimed his jump, turning the ball over.
  • Han drives to the hoop and lays the ball in to cut the Greyhounds lead to 17-16. Penetration has seemed to work well for the Stags so far.
  • Marty and Jon get crossed up as the Stags have another moment of confusion when Han tries to hand the ball off to O'Sullivan, but it is stolen away. It leads to a lay-up for Loyola and then another turnover leads to another Greyhounds basket and the lead is up to 21-18.
  • But an O'Sullivan lay-up brings it back to three. He is playing well as he has been of late and has eight points so far.
  • A group of older Loyola fans behind us are probably the most annoying I've ever heard. The three of them have been heckling the refs since the start and every call is wrong. Its driving me crazy.
  • Correction from earlier: Justin Tuck does not play for Loyola, he plays for the NY Giants. Its Michael. I have the Giants on my mind still, after they ruined such a great season.


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