Saturday, February 16, 2008

Fairfield wins 88-76

  • Fairfield trapped and Han is forced to call a timeout. Mamadou checks in. Time for the closer.
  • Mamadou deserves a theme song everytime he enters the game, like a closer in baseball or a pro wrestler. He's that type of player. You expect something big or strange everytime he touches the court.
  • O'Sullivan fouled by JT, his fourth and Marty to the line for a 1+1 - he hits the first and the second, 81-73, Stags. Now the largest lead.
  • MOS with a bock of a Mansell three and Herbie with a rebound. Mamadou ahead of the pack for two and then Han with a steal, gets the ball to Mamadou, who is fouled and the crowd is louder than they have been all night.
  • Mamadou heads to the line for a 1+1...He sinks the first, but bricks the second and its 84-73.
  • Anthony Johnson with a lay-up after an Allen steal and its 86-73. A miss by Rider and the Stags have it with 40 seconds left and the Arena is rocking.
  • Five second call on Herbie gives Rider the ball with 26.8 seconds left as an Overrated chant begins. Mansell hits a three, 86-76.
  • A.J. is fouled with 11.1 seconds left, he hits the first free throw and the second.
  • Fan says: "Hey Thompson! Good luck with Duncan if you can't handle Marty!"
  • Stags with the steal and the final is Fairfield 88, Rider 76.
  • What a game.
-Tom Cleary


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