Saturday, February 16, 2008

6:47 Remaining First Half; Rider 29-27

  • Scrappy play by the Stags, Allen stripped, A.J. grabs the ball, gets it to O'Sullivan who is fouled. He misses the first free throw, but connects on the second and its 23-20 Stags.
  • Fairfield with a steal after a nice press. Stags need to take advantage with the Thompson's on the bench.
  • Dapper Cooley Watch: Wearing a light brown suit with the pink shirt/tie combination for the Think Pink day. Nice look.
  • Mansell knocks down another three and Rider ties it back up at 23.
  • Evanovich and O'Sullivan miss open threes, but Marty grabs the board on the miss by Evanovich and is fouled on the put back. Seventh foul on Rider. MOS misses the first. Mamadou checks in for the first time a great reaction. Marty hits one of two again and its 24-23 Fairfield back in-front. J.T. back onto the court.
  • Edney catches and shoots, he has 10 points and its 27-23 Stags.
  • Middleton checks back in. His season-high is six minutes played.
  • Warner hits a three, cutting it to 27-26, Stags can't seem to pull away.
  • Behind the back pass from Griffin to Warner who hits another three and its 29-27 Rider.
  • Mamadou now on J.T. and he is playing him tough. I'm getting annoyed just watching, hopefully it works. Thompson has just two points so far.


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