Saturday, February 16, 2008

15:03 Remaining; 14-12 Stags Lead

  • Mike Ringold gets the scoring started after Jason Thompson wins the tip over Anthony Johnson and its 2-0 Rider.
  • Jon Han has an open shot and he knocks it down from the top of the key 3-2 Stags.
  • Offensive foul called on Ryan Thompson, brother of Jason, and Han approves, yelling out.
  • Middleton helps break the press, gets a rebound down the court and scores 2. 5-2 Stags. As Keith says "What is going on." Its bizarro world. Keith is right, Middleton probably played as Thompson all week in practice and is getting the chance to start against him.
  • Middleton with an open jumper. Now a season-high four points.
  • Goaltending on Anthony Johnson on Ryan Thompson, slammed the ball off the backboard 7-4 Stags.
  • Edney gets fouled by Griffin and scores, after a quick Rider basket and its 9-6. Middleton leaves to nice applause after getting the job done. He hits the free throw and its 10-6 Fairfield.
  • Edney picks up his first foul of the game and Ryan Thompson heads to the line for two shots. Thompson hits both and its 10-8.
  • Edney gets the ball and drives to the hoop and scores 12-8 Stags.
  • Han with a block and "Get that s*** out of here" on Green. Nice.
  • Lob on the inbounds to J.T. and he scores his first two of the game, 12-10 Stags.
  • Han is stripped and it leads to a two by Mansell on the other end and its tied at 12.
  • Rider playing a very aggressive zone, attacking the guards as soon as they get across the line after the press.
  • Edney with a rebound and two, he has 7 and its 14-12 Stags.
  • Fairfield picks up another foul, this time on Nero and its already the third on the team.
  • Media timeout.

-Tom Cleary


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