Saturday, February 16, 2008

7:26 Remaining Second Half; Tied 66-66

  • O'Sullivan is playing for the scouts in the building tonight. He drives and scores, 63-62. 14 points for MOS.
  • On the other end he draws an offensive foul on Jason Thompson, his third. He can't believe it, walking up the court with his hands on his head and questioning the ref.
  • Stags can't take advantage as Edney fumbles Han's pass out of bounds, still three fouls could be key. They need him to pick up one more.
  • Edney gets a steal and continues his great play this afternoon. But MOS makes his first miscue, with a walk.
  • Thompson is played tight by MOS, and throws the ball away. Funny story: Before in bounding the ball, JT talked to the ref about the charging call earlier. The ref told him he made the call because he knocked Marty over, to which JT responded, "That big boy?"
  • Mamadou off the bench, time for a game changing play?
  • Warner is fouled by Han, who quickly picks up two fouls and now has three. Warner hits the first, but misses the second. MOS heads to the bench, replaced by Nero and receives a nice hand.
  • Nice dump down to Nero from Han to tie the game at 64.
  • Great play by the Stags as Nero tosses it up to AJ, who lays it in . 66-64 Stags.
  • Warner picks up a charge on the other end, giving the Stags the ball back, Nero takes it hard.
  • Lob in to JT who lays it in to tie the game back up, 66-66.
  • Thompson is fouled inside and will head to the line after the media timeout.


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