Friday, February 9, 2007

Practice Update

The men’s basketball team hit the hardwood late this afternoon in preparation for its upcoming game against Loyola. The Stags had a light practice, but a long one. They started at 4 p.m. and worked until almost half past six. Today was my first time seeing Fairfield up close and personal, and I was very impressed.

•Despite a heartbreaking loss to Marist last night, the Stags showed no signs of slowing down. They got right to work, breaking up into teams and walking through their defensive plays.

•Coach Cooley and his staff were encouraging throughout, emphasizing communication, teamwork and repetition. Coach Cooley also stressed focus and attention at all times.

•At around 5 p.m., the squad walked through its offensive plays, then executed them at half-speed.

•I was very impressed with all the players’ hard work ethic. During both the defensive and offensive walk-throughs, multiple players asked questions and made adjustments. Every group of players sent out to do the motions worked as a unit.

•Toward the end of practice, Fairfield split into groups again, this time to work on foul shots.

•After foul shots, the team had a quick meeting. Coach Cooley reiterated the importance of preparedness, focus, intensity and discipline.

•To close out the workout, the Stags broke up into groups once more and cycled through the offense.

•What impressed me the most was the confidence each and every player demonstrated — a confidence the team will look to carry over to its Sunday showdown with the Greyhounds.

-Frank Romano


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