Monday, February 5, 2007

63-62 Stags; :03.7 in the 2nd

  • This is loud as I have ever heard Harbor Yard! Wow!
  • FU heads to the line with a chance to put the game on ice.
  • Brown took it coast-to-coast and tried to lay it in, but misses the heave of a shot. Stags grab the board and get fouled hard.
  • Han nails a three in the corner on a great look from Herbie! They ran a little give-and-go off of a screen from the top and got a wideopen look. Han drained it. 63-62
  • Here's the Stags chance to tie it up.
  • Han takes a charge! A great defensive play from Fairfield. The fourth straight turnover from Loyola.
- Keith Connors


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