Monday, February 18, 2008

7:05 Remaining Second Half; Marist leads 62-59

  • Han heads to the charity stripe and hits both to tie the game back up 51-51.
  • Dapper Cooley Watch: A black suit with a white shirt and red tie, now sans jacket after the Edney foul call.
  • McNamara answers back with a three and its 54-51, Marist on top.
  • Herbie dumps the ball down to Peanut, who lays it in and draws a foul on Benjamin. A.J. to the line for one – but he clanks it. 54-53 Marist.
  • On the other end Gavin slashes to the hoop, showing his great speed, and Peanut is called for goaltending on a lay-up. 56-53 Marist.
  • Marty dumps it to Peanut, who is blocked by Spongy.
  • On the other end Devezin drives to the hoop and scores, 58-53 Marist, and they have the momentum.
  • O'Sullivan drives to the hoop and is fouled by Benjamin, his third, and will go to the line for two free throws...He misses the first, but sinks the second 58-54.
  • Mamadou in, Cooley thinking he can swing the momentum back.
  • Devezin dribbles around a trap and dumps the ball to McNamara who scores, 60-54 Marist.
  • Edney tosses the ball to Han, who can't control it and Marist gets the ball back. Benjamin is fouled by Mamadou on the break and will have two shots...He misses the first, and the second and Mamadou pulls down the board.
  • O'Sullivan drives and misses a lay-up, but pulls down his own board and puts it back in. 60-56 Marist.
  • Devezin drives and scores, he has 12 and has been a killer in the second half, 62-56 Marist.
  • Evanovich hits a clutch three and its 62-59, cutting the lead in half. Cooley calls a thirty second timeout to talk things over with his club.



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