Monday, February 18, 2008

45.6 Second Remaining Second Half; Marist up 72-70.

  • Lyndon Jordan back on the court to play defense and the Stags set-up a full court press...Jordan and Peanut trap Gavin in the corner and knock the ball away, but Marist is able to call a timeout before it goes out of bounds. Marist catches a break.
  • 32 seconds on the shot clock, Marist in bounding on the baseline again...Peanut on the ball...Marist breaks the press and Peanut fouls Devezin with 1:24 left, sending him back to the line again for another 1+1 ... The first free throw rolls around and in, and the second goes right through...72-66 Marist.
  • Han drives and misses a lay-up, but is fouled after grabbing the rebound and he goes to the line for 1+1 with 1:05 remaining...He sinks the first and the second, 72-68 Marist.
  • Gavin swings an elbow and is called for an offensive foul after knocking Han over, Stags have the ball back with 1:00 left. 
  • 72-68, 1 minute left, Stags need a big shot here.
  • Evanovich nearly delivers, but the ball just rims out. O'Sullivan is there for the tip and he puts it back in. 45.6 seconds left and the Stags are down two, but Marist has the ball and will shoot two free throws on a foul. 
  • Cooley calls his final timeout.


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