Monday, February 18, 2008

3:08 Remaining in Second Overtime; Marist leads 84-82

  • Anthony Johnson steps up with 19 seconds left to hit two big free throws, unexpected and clutch.
  • On the court for Fairfield: Han, Allen, Edney, Peanut and Marty. For Marist: Gavin, Devezin, Farmer, Schneider, and Benjamin.
  • Fairfield wins the tip once again and brings the ball up.
  • Edney misses a three from the corner, but O'Sullivan pulls down the rebound and scores...He has a game-high 21 and the Stags are up 82-80.
  • Gavin pumps and Han goes past him. He puts up a three and knocks it down, 83-82 Marist.
  • Lob to Peanut inside, but he blows an easy lay-up, wasn't sure whether to dunk or lay it in, and Marist has the ball back with 3:30 left and the one point lead.
  • Benjamin drives on O'Sullivan and draws a foul. Stags are in the penalty and Benjamin will shoot two...He rims out the first and sinks the second...84-82 Marist.


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