Friday, February 29, 2008

15:51 Remaining First Half; Fairfield leads Manhattan 6-4

  • Not a lot of student fans in the arena tonight, as everyone has pretty much headed home for the spring break, which has come early this year. But a large portion of the men's lacrosse team is in attendance and the crowd is pretty packed with alumni and people from the community, hopefully they can make some noise and support this Fairfield team that definitely deserves it, the way they have been playing lately.
  • Manhattan wins the tip to get the game underway. The Jaspers take the shot clock down under ten and then drives, missing the shot but the rebound goes off of the Stags. Manhattan misses a second shot and grabs a second offensive rebound.
  • Chris Smith cuts to the hoop, pump fakes and scores, 2-0 Manhattan.
  • Stags turn the ball over as Marty O'Sullivan's lob to Peanut Johnson is deflected away and stolen.
  • O'Sullivn with a block and a lead pass to Han who throws it to Peanut who dunks it down hard to tie the game, 2-2, 17:44 remaining first half.
  • 17:10 Herbie Allen misses a three, but Warren Edney grabs the board and lays the ball back in, Fairfield takes its first lead, 4-2.
  • Pearson drives to the hoop to tie up the game with a lay-up, 4-4, 16:10 left.
  • Tip-in by Marty O'Sullivan on a Allen miss to give the Stags back a 6-4 lead.
  • Clock problems again and the stoppage leads to a media timeout. It begins again, for a facility that looks high class and does most things right, they can't seem to get this clock thing down.

-Tom Cleary


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